Friday, March 2, 2012

~ hepi besday ! ~

holla !!! okey...before start..i would like to say GUD BYE to FEBRUARI...and WELCOME to MARCH !!!
hari 2/3/2012..
to my adik kecik..

ipin !! 
hepi besday yg ke 8 tahun!! tamo nakal2 yaw !! are the last one so you must achieve what i can't achieve !!
mom and dad only have we okay !!
our sister,our brother,me and you !
i already start my it's you turn !!

to my dad..happy belated besday too !!(1/3/2012)
heppy besday yang ke 51 tahun..hehe...da tua my dad upe nyer...
tapi..wajah mu masih nampak MUDA..(bodek nih )
ehhehe...semoga ayah panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki...
i just want to say..i love you very much..
even i have make many mistakes like..bantah ! jerit ! sakit hati..
i stilll love you because you are my dad !!
but !!
please let me to jalan-jalan dgn member..
i don;t want my teenage life..jadi sia2..
you know dad !! akak jeles kot dgn kwn2 akak sbb !!
die dapat kuar jalan2 nan member lain..'s so okay !! cuma.. i don't want you 
asked me to stay at home !! i want continue my studies as far as i can..
give me a chance to live in independent life !!
please ??

terbang bebas di udara !!!
 meniti hari yang mendatang...cuba sendiri...

so...the end my story...
hope like it..
if you like...
jgn segan2 tekan like kat bwh tuh !! ehhe....
hah ! yg lom jadi follower tuh..di persilakan lah...
*klu xna xpe..

peace !!


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