Friday, May 3, 2013

Just for fun ? maybe !

Life . There are many interesting story and annoying story . The best part of life is being happy all the day but the worst is crying ! wow ! If everyone can only be happy intheir life , it must be so bored . You know what rainbow comes after rain . Rainbow like our happiness .

Being the perfect person is our dream but ! nobody perfect in this word . Everybody make mistake . For sure , they will learn from their mistakes except the one who snobbish ! HaHaHa !
Actually guys ! our problem same but the situation and condition make it different and also how we through it . The point is REDHA ! because it is fate ! Just pray for our strength to throught it . By the way , believe what in yourself coz you shuld know better than eanyone . They judge you from your look so , dont easily feel give up for what they said . Thinks positive !

Love . The annoying story for me but they said it's wonderful feelng ! yukkss ! what ? okay ! i admit it ! For sure , we love something in this world right ? so .. when you love something will you get to be yours or just let it happy by itself ? Let's focs on one ! People !
When we love someone . did you get she / he to be your or let them happy with her/his happiness ? All of this to be answer inyour heart . No one can answer it loud because they will keep silent when the question to be ask .
For me , let him and search for my life meaning . Insyaallah , there will be someone for me . It fate . Allah knows better than us . HE knows our heart . Just pray for the good one for us . Insyaallah .

See ! what I had done ! Practise speaking for sure ! HaHaHa . Anyway this is about our lfe . We need ALLAH . We don't need lover ! We can't live without Allah !
okay ?!

Assalam w.b.t

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