Friday, January 10, 2014

~Better Late Than Never~~ *newYear*

firstly .. happy new year guys ! Haha .. sorry for very late make wish for new year .. Haha .
welcome 2014 !

Memandang nih nih post pertama for 2014 .. mcm nak story bebanyak .. almaklum lar .. still busy dgn dunia MATRICULAtion .. such a very2 busy student .. Sangat ! haha

Okay .. *drum rolll pleasee*
Nak cite actually i already in Semester 2 at matrik.and insyaallah bakal menamat kan dunia matrik nih pada bulan 4 .. wish me luck guys ! PSPM 1 da habes .result pon da dpt focus on PSPM 2 plak .. nk 4flat uh emg agak npis harapan lar kan . ahha
what ? result? nak twu ke ? xpyh lar .. memalukan la.. I'm not intelligent as others blogger yg msuk matric then got very superb result . only got 3.41 .. apepon alhamdulillah .. syukur ..

Then ... Azam this year ?? okey ! azam !! 4Flat ..mcm boleh dpt jek kan ? haahha ..oke .. azam tahun nih agak lain sikit laa .. before this just nk straight A's lar ..flying colours result la.. tuh time zaman skolah . ahha.. Azam ! just need to make sure that i'm finish matriculation program on april !! titik ! noktah ! full stop ! really2 want finish as soon as posible ! second ! I must continue studying degree at UPM course Sains pertanian .. really love nature actually .. to be an engineer ..i think i'm not the right person .. hahah..Third ! AKU NAK BERUBAH KE ARAH LEBIH BAIK !! anyone nak guide aku ? please ..with pleasure my dear ..

And about my crush .. i still cannot erase this feeling .. i just wait .. not waitng him ..for waiting for the right time to really forget my feeling ..okay ..laa ..

see yaa !!

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